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If you happen to happened to stroll by Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square last weekend, you may have noticed people holding their cellphones in the air. On June 2, Fallsview Casino ???????? Resort had an interactive billboard installed in the busy downtown square. The billboard ??? ??? ????? ???? cards passersby to download a free app called FunSquare, which initiates users smartphone ???????? cameras. When users point their particular ?? ???? ????? ???? device at ????? ????? ???? the billboard, they’re treated to an augmented ????? ????????? reality sequence that promotes the casino before being taken up to its website. “We’ve made ????? ????? ???? it hard to miss, ” said Greg Medulun, the casino’s director of devices. ??? ????? ???? ????????? “It’s a user-friendly platform that’s easy to [NB]??????? ????????? interact ????????????????????? with. We’re always looking outside of ????????? the box for #@@#@!![Adidas] ????? F50 creative ????????? ideas that will capture ??? ????? ???? consumers’ attention, whether it’s a new commercial or a billboard. In this case, that billboard can be found 90 minutes away ??? ????????? from the venue it’s advertising, but Medulun said the placement is meant towards remind tourists that Niagara Falls is just down [Adidas] ????? F50 the roads. In a statement, Cathy Price, the casino’s vice-president of marketing, said the billboard reflects the brand’s “energetic, [Nike]??? ??????? entertaining and distinct” personality. Medulun added the billboard will work to ??? ????? ???? make consumers think of the casino as a ????????? fun place to be. “The environment at our casinos is hip, fun and always exciting, so integrating augmented ???????? ??? reality into an otherwise traditional advertising format was a great fit to reflect our brand and to bring more fun to consumers, ” ????????????????????? ???????? said Medulun. The billboard will remain inside the ????? ????? ???? square until September. Medulun noted that more interactive activities will continue to take place throughout the summer. Agencies involved in the casino’s new billboard include Blammo Worldwide, Pixelpusher, OMD-Canada and Sparks Occurrence Marketing.